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From chaos to peace of mind, Stackdeck’s software management tool helps you regain control of your SaaS budget, pronto.

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Managing all your software subscriptions can be a pain in the SaaS.

What’s worse, 95% of companies are clueless about how much money they’re spending on their apps - let alone its huge savings potential. Let’s make a deal, shall we? We take the hassle out of dealing with vendors. You focus on running your business.

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See how Stackdeck connects all sources into a streamlines process

Say goodbye to SaaS stress. We've got you covered.

Stackdeck manages it all — from SaaS vendor selection to maintenance, management, and of course negotiation — leaving you free to focus on what you do best: growing your business.
Ah yes… did we mention we’ll also save you money along the way?

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Discover all your subscriptions.

We help you understand exactly what apps you're using, so you can make smarter decisions about what you need — and what you don’t.

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Prepare to be shocked by how much money you’re spending on SaaS.

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Get insights on all your usage

Take a step further and get detailed data on how well you're using each app.
This way, you can easily streamline your workflow and optimize your resources.

Visualise your SaaS landscape
Base decisions ons facts
Predict costs
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Saving money is the name of the game

Where we truly shine. With our procurement and license reduction capabilities, we’ll help you slash costs and streamline your spending like never before. And we're so confident in our ability to deliver results that we offer a money-back guarantee. This isn’t just any promise - it's a pinky promise.

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Let’s lock it down

Last but not least, with our unique security pillar, we offer a level of protection unrivaled by any other competitor – helping you safeguard your sensitive data and prevent unwanted access. Such as those off-boarded employees from a year ago whom you forgot to remove from the system — hey, it happens.

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Deliver us any list (Excel, PDF or any other format) with your current expenses and we’ll have all data in Stackdeck within 24 hours.

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Stackdeck was born out of love, hard work, and a deep passion to remove the inefficiencies in both your
SaaS utilization AND expenses.

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