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We don't settle for ordinary. We take app listing to an entire new level!

When it comes to your company's app ecosystem, we leave no stone unturned and go beyond third-party vendors, also unveiling your very own in-house software. Our comprehensive solution gives you the complete lowdown on all your apps, showcasing what truly fuels your business's growth.

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Discover by SSO integration

No more playing hide-and-seek with your company's app usage — Stackdeck is here to turbocharge your quest! We make app usage discovery a piece of cake by teaming up with popular SSO solutions like Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, and Okta.

And this is only the beginning of something much GREATER: We'll be the whistleblowers on which apps are the superstars and how much time is spent on each one.

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Discover Financial & Employee Data

Stackdeck is armed with the tools to help you become a trusted data master. Simply put, integrations with HRIS systems such as HiBob, Workday, Bamboo, AFAS, Gusto & many more, Accounting systems such as Xero, Exact Online, Visma, NetSuite & much more provide us with invaluable info that allows us to create a data mesh that works like an x-ray of your apps.

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Optional Browser Extension

But hold on to your horses! We saved the best for last. Our optional browser plugin is here to empower your organization in remarkable ways. Imagine having an all-in-one tool that unveils every single app, free and paid, that your team uses.

From SSO authorizations to financial information, even those elusive tools that don't support SSO and are free won't escape our clever browser plugin – we got it! But that's not all – from tracking logins to monitoring app usage duration, these analytics provide informative data for smart decision-making.

Privacy is our top priority, rest assured. So only the relevant data is securely sent to our servers, and all non-SaaS app traffic stays right within the user's browser (so your team's sensitive information remains safeguarded).

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