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We understand that your time is precious, which is why we're here to make your life easier. At Stackdeck, we believe that security is not just about ticking off compliance boxes — it's about implementing robust measures to protect your data, leaving no room for unwelcome intrusions. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

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Prevent unwanted access with automated offboarding

Offboarding employees can be a potential security risk if their access to software isn't promptly revoked. That's why we've got your back with our automated offboarding system. When an employee leaves, we can guarantee all access is revoked within 12 hours and for most tools it will be within seconds. All perfectly reported within our software so you can see exactly what and when happened.

This hands-on approach guarantees the revocation of access is promptly addressed, thus ensuring your company's data remains secure while you drink margaritas at the beach.

Access via Approval Requests

At Stackdeck, we're providing an app catalog for every employee (if you wish). This is more than a collection of resources – it's a vibrant hub that empowers every employee to discover and leverage these apps and request access with a simple click. Think of this as your own treasure trove, filled with valuable resources. Each tool has its own trusty gatekeeper(s) who decides whether to grant or deny access. Simply browse through and find the ones that spark your interest.

Lets secure your SaaS together

Lets improve the level of your SaaS security by analysing who currently has access to your apps that should not be there and put active monitoring in place for the future.
PS. We'll find them!

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