Actionable insights, financial statement import and more!

February 9, 2024
Actionable insights, financial statement import and more!

We're thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to Stackdeck, designed to streamline your financial management process. From revolutionary processing of financial statements to simplifying user management and providing comprehensive insights.

Financial Statement Import CAMT-053 & CSV

One significant improvement is the ability to upload CAMT-053 or CSV financial statements. With this feature, Stackdeck automatically identifies bills for SaaS expenses using AI. Any other bills are safely disregarded. Stackdeck then organizes and saves all bills under the correct subscriptions, automatically generating a spending overview in the dashboard. This represents a significant advancement for your company in managing SaaS expenditures.

Create Platform Users

Previously, users could only be added as budget owners or gatekeepers of apps after being invited to the platform. However, we understand that you might prefer not to send invites until after setting up your full Stackdeck account. Therefore, we've introduced the option to create users beforehand, enabling you to designate them as gatekeepers or budget owners without immediate invitation. Simply conduct user discovery using one of our HRIS integrations, after which all users will be identified. Then, within the user menu, select 'create user' to integrate them into your company. Note that created users who haven't been invited yet won't receive notifications or have access to the Stackdeck platform.

Total Spend

In the dashboard, we can now display the total SaaS spend over the past 12 months in a graph. Whenever you upload your financial statements or integrate with an accounting API, Stackdeck automatically organizes your spending per month, presenting it on your dashboard.

Actionable Insights

Within the dashboard, we've also clarified the necessary actions required for your Stackdeck account to function fully. Every app needs to have gatekeepers, budget owners, and a department assigned. The overview indicates how many apps still require these elements to be added, providing clarity on what actions are needed, and more!

Subscription Insights

Additionally, within the subscriptions section, we've added a concise overview of your subscriptions, including:

  • The number of contracts added
  • The number of users with app access
  • The quantity of bills discovered based on finance integration
  • Total spend provides a direct overview of all app insights.

Transfer Subscription to a Different App

During finance integration, if Stackdeck identifies a new app, it automatically adds it to our library if it doesn't already exist. If you prefer to add the subscription to another app, you can now transfer it manually.

Delete Bill

In the subscription overview, we've introduced the ability to delete bills. If a bill is mistakenly attached to the wrong subscription, this action can now be reversed.

Transfer Bill to a Different Subscription

In the bills overview, you can now transfer a bill to another subscription if it was mistakenly linked to the wrong app.

With these additions, managing your SaaS spend and optimizing your workflows has never been more seamless. See you at the next feature update!

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