Microsoft sign in, guided onboarding, and more!

January 19, 2024
Microsoft sign in, guided onboarding, and more!

Exciting news unveiled once again! We've got another beautiful subset of feature updates aligned for you including the possibility to sign in with Microsoft, a guided onboarding and more!

Microsoft Beta Login:

While Google SSO login was already available, we have now added Microsoft login to our platform, currently in the Beta phase with promising initial tests.

Guided Onboarding:

For those facing challenges in understanding the next steps, our new guided onboarding provides step-by-step assistance, ensuring optimal utilization of your Stackdeck account.

Budgets and Menu Restructuring:

In an effort to improve navigating, we have restructured the menu, introducing the Company tab. This includes users, departments, settings, and a new feature - Budgets. Though in the early stages, this feature allows your company to allocate SaaS budgets annually and per department for financial control.

Dashboard Permissions:

Recognizing varying levels of interest in the dashboard, we have introduced a 'can view dashboard' permission in the user permissions menu. This offers the flexibility to enable or disable the dashboard view based on individual user preferences.

Code Optimization and Bug Fixes:

Continuing our commitment to providing a robust platform, we have optimized our code and addressed bugs, resulting in a smoother and more efficient Stackdeck experience.

Stay Informed for Future Updates!

Our dedication to improvement is ongoing. Stay connected with our Resources section for continuous updates and more. We have exciting features in the pipeline, and we invite you to explore further. Until next time, happy navigating! 🚀

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