The Pain Of SaaS - Stackdeck After Hours Episode 2

September 6, 2023
The Pain Of SaaS - Stackdeck After Hours Episode 2


In the second episode of Stackdeck: After Hours, Jurgen, Niek, and Olivier, came together to discuss our own experiences and the challenges we've encountered while using SaaS products within companies. kicking off the episode by sharing our excitement about the podcast and giving you some personal updates. From the enjoyment Niek has been getting from spending time with his dog, to Jurgen providing insights into the progress of Stackdeck.

Niek talks about the challenges of onboarding and offboarding employees, mentioning how companies often struggle with access management and subscriptions.

Olivier agrees and emphasises the importance of efficient access management for both productivity and security.

Jurgen shares two major pain points he has encountered: difficulty remembering multiple URLs for self-hosted tools and the challenge of offboarding employees effectively. They discuss why these issues persist, touching on the dynamic nature of tech companies and the need for better automation.

We're super curious to hear your pain points, whether you also feel these points within SaaS, or if you got any other problems that you've experienced.

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