Introducing Stackdeck: The World's First SaaS OS

October 16, 2023
Introducing Stackdeck: The World's First SaaS OS

SaaS management made easy

Stackdeck is set to disrupt the software management landscape with the launch of its World's First SaaS Operating System (SaaS OS), marking a monumental shift in how businesses control, optimize, and finally enjoy their software subscriptions.

Software management is no longer a walk in the park. In the olden days, you'd buy software, install it, and forget about it. But times have changed. Now, more than 70% of software is delivered as a service. Sure, it's got its perks - regular updates, cloud-based convenience, and snazzy new features. But it also brings its own set of challenges - tracking your tools, controlling costs, and that never-ending employee offboarding ordeal.

Well, Stackdeck says enough is enough! We're the pioneers of the SaaS OS, and we're ready to rock your SaaS world. Why? Because we believe in a future where businesses thrive, and time and resources are not exhausted.

With Stackdeck's SaaS OS, you can bid farewell to those pesky issues like license renewals, employee offboarding, seat utilization acrobatics, and that fortune teller forecasting of your expenses. We wake up every day with one mission – to make your life easier and software management smoother than silk.

At Stackdeck, we've cracked the code to make SaaS management a delightful journey, not a tiresome trek. We've transformed it into an art, and it's more enjoyable than a weekend getaway.

So, join us on this electrifying journey where we're flipping the script on SaaS management. Say goodbye to the headaches and say hello to a world where your SaaS tools work in perfect harmony, so you can focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward!

Based in Amsterdam and founded by Jurgen Bosch and Niek Jansen, Stackdeck is a leading technology company dedicated to making SaaS management easy, efficient, and enjoyable. With the world's first SaaS OS, Stackdeck simplifies the complexities of software management, helping businesses thrive without wasting time and resources.

For more information you can reach out to:

Jurgen Bosch (CEO & Co-Founder)
+31 6 38323437

Or Schedule a meeting here

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